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Cookies are small text files saved on your computer through the web browser, with the purpose of allowing our website to work better and offer you an improved user experience. The cookies we use do not collect any personal information and cannot damage your browsing device.
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Types of cookies

Necessary Cookies – these are strictly necessary for allowing you to browse our website and use its functions.

Functionality Cookies – intended to improve the functionality of our website, for example they remember information about the content you previously accessed on this website.

Third Party Cookies – these are set by a third party to our website in order to provide different services, for example social media plugins (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram) or website analysis (Google Analytics). They are parts of the visited page generated by the third party websites and integrated in ours, most commonly used cookies being the ones with purpose of counting visitors and visited pages, sharing content on social networks. These plugins require the cookies transmission from and to the third party websites. More information on these can be found on their related advisories.

How can you disable the use of cookies

Accepting the cookies we send is not compulsory and you can modify your browser to decline the use of cookies. Please be aware that disabling them might cause some functions or content on our website to become unavailable or altered.

Cookies set up on this website

Google Analytics cookies:

  • _ga [2 years] – Used to distinguish users.
  • _gid [24 hours] – Used to distinguish users.
  • _gat [1 minute] – Used to throttle request rate.